The Precipice

by Tom Woythal 01/19/2022

“And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.” (Hebrews 12:27)

A well known ministry was recently in the news. They had succumbed to government pressure and were going to enforce the OHSA vaccine mandate on all of their employees. They stated that they were afraid of being fined. This caused a brutal firestorm and many major donors gave them an ultimatum to either make a stand or they would halt their donations. The ministry was brought to the precipice, and a choice was set before them. 

The strength of a stance comes from a single-minded resolution of the heart that puts its trust in the Lord. 

The Supreme Court has since reinstated a stay on the OSHA mandate and therefore the ministry is now free and clear. That’s a good thing. However, their foundation has been exposed to the world, and to themselves. Now they have a choice. If they are honest with themselves, they can establish a proper foundation and become stronger than they have ever been! Many are choosing this path right now! Or they can do nothing and succumb to eventual deterioration and irrelevance. 

“Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.” (Jeremiah 17:5)

In II Chronicles 16:12, King Asa, was brought (by the devil) to the precipice. Asa had served the Lord with a “perfect heart” all of his days, but he had contracted a disease in his feet. It grew worse and worse, and yet he “sought not to the Lord but to the physicians.” He trusted the doctors. 

Some of you are trusting certain doctors and scientists right now that you have no business trusting! 

This departure of the heart resulted in Asa’s death. Was his death a punishment from God? No, God wasn’t punishing him. God could do nothing to help Asa because Asa had put his trust in something that was dead, that couldn’t deliver him. Asa never called upon the Lord, the Deliverer! 

There is nothing wrong with physicians or legitimate science. Medical science and physicians are a blessing to humanity. God is greatly involved in legitimate medical science, but our primary trust should be in the Lord. We should always consult God first! 

Where are you placing your trust? Difficult times are coming to the world, but also wonderful, glorious times! Glorious times to those who put their trust in a living God who is not only able to deliver, but also able to greatly bless and prosper in the midst of famine and turmoil!

My wife and I were praying a couple of weeks ago when the Lord spoke prophetically through her. He said:

“You shall stand on the mountaintop and watch the devastation in the valley.” 

The mountaintop is a place of refuge and safety. It is also a place of unobstructed view. A place of light, clarity of vision, and purpose! For the believer who puts his or her trust in the Lord, this will be an exciting and glorious time!

Unfortunately, many of God’s own people are rejecting and criticizing things they know nothing about. They mock and criticize the “Word of faith” message, prosperity, healing, the prophetic, speaking in other tongues, and the gifts of the Spirit. All of these things are gifts from God! God gave them for a purpose! God tells us to take the whole armor of God, not just the parts that religious denominations have told us that we need.

It is an ultimate form of arrogance to believe that we don’t need something that God has said that we need! 

These are the very things that we will need the most as things continue to be shaken, and the world becomes a more dangerous place! 

In Judges 2:14, God had delivered Israel into the hands of “spoilers” because they forsook Him and served other gods. He delivered them to their own devices. He would also not drive out any more of these spoilers (enemies) from before them, of the nations which Joshua had left when he died (Judges 2:21). Through the spoilers he would prove Israel.

The word “prove” can be translated as “expose” or “reveal.” 

When we are brought to the precipice, we ask questions and examine beliefs-systems, motives, and priorities. We take a closer look at some things that we may have dismissed before. We humble ourselves and begin to hear God in new and amazing ways! 

Even though, because of their rebellion, God delivered the people into the hands of their enemies, in His mercy He sent judges, which delivered them out of the hands of the spoilers. He did this time and time again, and yet they would neither respect nor hear the judges (Judges 2:16). Does that sound familiar? 

Certain cities and states have set up spoilers for governors, mayors, judges, and other positions, and it is perfectly legal from a spiritual standpoint (that’s why you can’t pray many of them out). They have chosen what they have desired and God will protect their sovereign free will to choose, even if that choice results in their own destruction. 

“They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off.” (Hosea 8:4) 

What is left for those who refuse and rebel against the mercy and goodness of God? 

Faith reveals and demonstrates it’s power at the precipice, and spoilers have no power! 

Daniel was brought to the precipice after he made a stand against the government and was thrown into a lion’s den. Moses and the children of Israel were brought to the precipice when they were cornered by the Egyptian army at the Red Sea. Abraham was brought to the precipice when he took Isaac up to the mountain, and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were brought to the precipice when they refused to bow to King Nebuchednezzar’s golden image. 

Has there been a Golden image set before you?

Ahab, one of Israel’s most wicked kings, was brought to the precipice, and he humbled himself before God (I Kings 21:27-29). God had mercy on him and spared him from the judgment that was coming (see vs. 21:17-24). 

When God is finished doing what He is doing throughout the world right now, there will be a pure foundation in the church. A foundation consisting of hearts that have been proved and have come forth as fine gold. It is not perfection of the flesh. Don’t try to perfect yourself in the flesh! It will only result in more frustration, and it doesn’t impress the Father!

Take this burden off yourself! Like Asa, God is looking for a perfect heart! The perfection of our faith and our relationship with Him (I Peter 1:7). 

Everything else will flow out of that!

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