What Time is It?

by Tom Woythal

January 2022

…O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? (Matthew 16:3)

Many are asking right now, “Is it time for the Antichrist to come to power?” “Is the Coronavirus vaccine the mark of the beast?” “Should we be preparing for the rapture and the return of the Lord?” 
In a conversation I recently had in regard to what is going on in the world today with COVID-19, the political system, and the division in our country, someone said, “We don’t know what the Lord is going to do!” That statement comes out of a belief system based on wrong teaching. The Father does not want us ignorant concerning His will and plan. How can we follow His will if we don’t know what it is? How can we resist the enemy’s efforts to thwart it? How can we release faith if we have nothing to attach it to? Even in the Old Testament, God told His people that He would do nothing unless He first revealed it to the prophets (Amos 3:7). How much more so in the New Testament where He calls us sons and daughters?
“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding…” (Colossians 1:9)
God doesn’t want us to be ignorant or vague concerning His will. He wants us to know what time it is and what we should be doing in that time, whether it pertains to our own personal lives or to a nation. Regarding the return of the Lord, we don’t know the exact day or hour, but we should know the season!  We shouldn’t be preparing to evacuate the earth when it is time to work! 

A wrong belief system will produce double-mindedness and sabotage our faith.

The devil has been attempting to execute his plan on the earth since the Garden of Eden. As soon as God announced that there would be one coming that would “crush his head,” he began killing the righteous, beginning with Abel. The Apostle John revealed that the antichrist spirit has been active since the beginning, and that there have been many “antichrists” (I John 2:18, 4:2-3). During World War II, many thought that Hitler was the Antichrist, and that it was the end of the world, when in fact, prophecy was in the process of being fulfilled. The nation of Israel was in the process of being reborn and the Jews were being gathered from all nations back to their homeland. Hitler was only a reaction by the powers of darkness. A reaction to something that God was doing. It was the devil’s attempt to stop the move of God and prophecy from being fulfilled. It caused a lot of suffering on the earth, but it didn’t work. 

We are in reformation. A time of restoration is coming, and it’s actually already in process. 

We have never had reformation in the United States. We have had many revivals, but now we are having worldwide reformation. God is preparing us for a time of unprecedented prosperity and a worldwide awareness of His presence. In the midst of what the enemy is doing, God is shaking and preparing the nations for something good! 
In Ezra 1:4, God raised up a Gentile king to provoke His people to build the second temple. Why did God have to send a Gentile to provoke His own people to do what He wanted them to do? Why couldn’t He speak to them through one of their own? Were they dull of hearing? Had they been asleep? Did they feel that they first needed the permission of the government and religious, political leaders in order to obey? 
God used the government to help motivate His people, but ultimately they had to be the ones who stepped into position to do what they needed to do. In II Thessalonians 2:6-7, the Apostle Paul, through the Spirit, reveals that the church holds back the antichrist spirit from accomplishing its goals, but how do we do that? When God has given us a personal vision, and we apply faith to that vision, it will alter nations, kings, and even the universe to come into a position of order to accommodate that vision. 
Sisera was an army commander who served under Jabin, a Canaanite king, who had oppressed Israel for twenty years. God told Israel to take a step of faith and go up against him. The people obeyed and God fought against Sisera and his army. In fact, the entire universe was confederate with Israel because God was with them.
“They fought from heaven; The stars in their courses fought against Sisera.” (Judges 5:20)
In Ezra chapter 5:1 the prophet Haggai came to the people who had not been able to build for a long time due to political persecution. A new king had arisen and Haggai told them to take a step of faith and begin to build. They did as Haggai had said, and when the matter was brought before King Darius, he sided with God’s people and made a decree that not only could they build again, but they were to be assisted in any need that they might have. He also decreed that whoever resisted them would be put to death. Their obedience dictated to the political climate, not the other way around! 
God Himself will reprove kings for our sake when we have faith and step into what He has told us to do. For example, If you are supposed to start a business that is destined to become a multinational corporation, then certain things must be put into place to accommodate it. Policies and people need to be set in order for your vision to come to pass. It is our faith that will change nations. Many people feel helpless, and think that because they are only one person, what can they do? But that is far from true. 
There was a delay in building the second temple, but it was only a delay. The people thought they couldn’t build, but that was not true. The prophet Haggai had come to the people who had become complacent and disillusioned. They were perplexed as to why things were not working out for them. In their mind, they couldn’t do anything until they received permission from their government. They were waiting for men to tell them that it was alright to do what was in their heart. They thought they had to comply and ask permission to be whom God had called them to be. Their confidence was gone. The government was telling them what they could or could not do. Haggai had to confront the people, “What are you doing?” “Why aren’t you building?” No doubt they were amazed and thought, “Well, we can’t!”“The king won’t let us!”  But God said, “You can!” (Haggai 1:3-11, Ezra 5:1-2)

You do not need permission to be whom God has created you to be!

God is looking for those who will not conform to the controlling powers of the day, and do what is right. Back then the people had to step out first in order for things to begin to come into order. It took a step of faith. The same is true for us today. Their faith created a conducive environment, not the other way around. 
God used Cyrus to provoke the people, and Cyrus helped point them in the right direction, but Cyrus could not do it for them. In fact, Cyrus would be removed and the people would have to find their own way. The people had to do for themselves what no one else could do for them, and they had to put their trust in the Lord. The people had to do what no politician, king, or president could do.

What does God want you to do? There are no formulas or templates. Nothing is too large or small. 

A Gentile king stirred the hearts of God’s people, Noah built an ark, Joseph saved a nation, Abraham had a son. God chose Moses, a man trained in Egyptian sorcery from his youth, to lead His people out of slavery. Samson killed lions with his bare hands, and Daniel, a eunuch, put lions to sleep. Joshua, an old man, conquered nations, and Esther slept with a heathen king before she was married in order to save her people. 
Don’t put God’s purpose and calling for your life in a box. God does unusual things, and in many unusual ways, and with unusual people. Allow the Holy Spirit to eradicate self-imposed boundaries. Many feel depleted and dry in their relationships with the Lord because God has been trying to speak to them in a different place. God has moved but they have stayed in the same place. They won’t hear or receive it because it doesn’t fit their preconceived idea of how God will do things. 
God told Israel that Moses was dead, and that it was time for them to move into something new. To the people “Moses” represented a way of doing things. A mindset that needed to change in order for the people to enter into their promise, but 1500 years later, they were still holding onto Moses. They couldn’t receive Jesus whom the Father had sent. Many today are still holding onto the law and not hearing the Spirit! 
What has God been speaking to you?
What has He told you to do personally? 
Don’t discount it as something insignificant! 
Every believer has a part to play, and applying individual faith, collectively, will push the antichrist spirit back for generations!
Stay strong! We win! 

Copyright 2022 Tom Woythal – used by permission

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  1. The remnant church is going to be unlike anything people have ever experienced. It will be so radical and unconventional,made up of the most unlikely people that even the established church of today isn’t going to accept it. Signs,wonders and miracles will be commonplace and the supernatural will become ordinary day to day behavior. God’s glory will shake the earth.

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