Can We Change Our Future? We’d Better!

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by Wanda Alger

Earlier this week on Facebook, Pastor Dana Coverstone from Kentucky released a video about some prophetic dreams he has had concerning our nation. The video has now gone viral. He shared some intense dreams he had, starting over six months ago, that are now coming to pass concerning the chaotic upheaval in our nation – down to very specific details about the crashing economy, the pandemic, the riots and corruption, and everything in between. He also shared of another recent dream that predicts even worse things happening heading into, and immediately following, November’s election.

Many are talking about this latest dream given its dire predictions. Personally, I like this pastor’s heart and believe he has truly received a warning from heaven. At the same time, I believe we need to examine the purpose of this kind of dream. I have seen responses from various other leaders which confirm my own assessment – This kind of warning dream indicates what the enemy‘s plans are, not necessarily what God’s are.

There’s a huge difference.

I believe God will often allow us to see into the enemy’s camp to learn of his strategies and plans so that we can counter them. Even when some of his plans work (such as we have seen in recent days) God always gives us the opportunity to CHANGE THINGS through our prayers and actions. These kinds of dreams are not INJUNCTIONS, but INVITATIONS.

God’s revelations (through dreams or visions) always carry hope and not fear. I have personally received dreams where I saw the dark plans of the enemy unfold, but with a silver lining at the end. This has built my faith – not my fear. This is when I know those plans are being directed by the Lord, and not the enemy. I’ve had other dreams that were extremely evil and foreboding with no sense of hope or purpose. These kinds of dreams reveal the enemy’s plans of destruction and are an invitation for me to take a righteous stand and pray against them. The bottom line is that God’s plans are always redemptive and always for our good. When we have, or hear about, a warning dream/vision, it’s an opportunity for us to CHANGE OUR FUTURE.

My biggest take-away from Pastor Coverstone’s dreams is that if and when Donald Trump is re-elected – things will probably get worse, not better – at least for a time. If we think the enemy is having a temper tantrum right now, just think what he’s going to do when he doesn’t get his way! Hell’s fury will continue to spew out its fire until the day that Jesus returns. The devil knows his end and he’s determined to destroy as many as possible on his way down. Thus, it’s a call to PREPARE. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch things unfold as if we’re watching a movie. Our future is at stake as we have a role to play in this epic!

One of the very reasons I wrote my latest book, Moving from Sword to Scepter, was for believers to take their place in our nation as change agents, not just casual observers. We should also note that this revelation of the enemy’s plans did not come through a prophet, but a pastor/teacher. We have been praying that pastors would wake up and they are! Praise God! May this be a sign that the Lord is going to be waking up many more pastors and church leaders to the dark realities ahead so that they can help lead the way to equip and mobilize the saints.

If you end up watching the video, I say DO NOT FEAR! Rather, build up your most holy faith and determine to be a part of the breakthrough that is to come. God never leaves us without help and has given us everything we need to succeed in our mission. It’s time to rise up and counter the enemy’s plans. Secure your territory through unified prayer. Rightly divide the true from the false and compel those walking in the darkness to come into the light. Pray for our President and those whom the Lord has called to lead our government out of tyranny and into our promised inheritance as a nation.

Regardless of how bad things may look or feel in the natural, heaven is on the move! We’re being called to the front lines to manifest the Kingdom of God here on the earth. Our future is not going to be determined by the devil. This time belongs to the rising Ekklesia that is standing for truth, confronting hell, and declaring the victories of our God.

Wanda Alger is a recognized five-fold prophetic minister and a writer with Intercessors for America. She has authored numerous books and her articles have been published with Christian Post, Charisma, The Elijah List, and Spirit Fuel. You can visit her website here: