The Best Response to Election Results

By Kaytlin Marie Doscher

Editors Note: Many of you remember Kaytlin Larson who has now become Kaytlin Doscher. She posted a response to the election on Instagram that we believe is an encouraging truth that we need to hear today. Please read this post and respond to Kaytlin on Instagram. You may follow her at: @fromkaytlinwithlove.

Today I’m choosing to flood my home with worship. I don’t want to remember today as the day when I rejoiced because my candidate won, or that I had some crisis of faith if he doesn’t. I want to remember today as the day when my faith in my God superseded circumstances. My faith in my president won’t change my children’s lives some day. My win in a political argument or discussion didn’t restore my family. Red or blue won’t determine my destiny. My faith in God did and does those things.

Yes, I do believe President Trump is by far the best choice as president for this nation, but beyond that I know a God Who has made promises to me that He intends to keep, and I know He will because He’s done it before. His ability to keep His promise isn’t decided by which candidate is in office.

So however corny or cheesy or overly religious it sounds, today I choose Jesus. He has my back no matter what the election results say. My faith in Him will remain, because I know He won’t fail me.