Important Word – given through Eric Sipress 11/1/20

Courageous Church –

Where are my courageous sons and daughters? Where are the born again saints who are bringing souls to the dinner table and home? Where are the courageous leaders of my church?

In the beginning I led together those who believed in me to minister to those who did not. I sent Holy Spirit to them to give them courage to complete the task for them. To impart upon them the fire within, the drive, the will from me. These believers are the church. Not a building, not a location. But those who believe in me, what I stand for, what I do. I set forth in my words to you, guidance, wisdom, and vision for you and others. I also spelled out the consequences of your choices.

Where are my chosen leaders? The shepherds of the flock that will fight for the lives of the sheep. The leaders that will defend the flock with courage from the devil and his evil ways. Teaching fire and brimstone is just as important as teaching love and grace and mercy. My church wasn’t brought together to tickle the fancy of the world. Not to create entertainment for those lost. Not to provide worldly refreshment. It was created to bring home the prodigal sons and daughters. To change lives for Kingdom life!

To my chosen leaders, change your ways before it is too late! You say that the world calls and views you as hypocritical. You created such façade as to suggest such! You can also break down the wall of hypocrisy you create. Get back to the way I instructed you to teach the flock. Teach with the passion I imparted through Spirit. Teach with my courage and passion and see real revival and awakening come that you have prayed for. All those that have broken away remember that if you hold traditions and others higher than me you are leading the flock away from Heaven and me. Woe to you as I hold you doubly accountable for your actions.

Where are my courageous sons and daughters? I have given you gifts and responsibilities that are being squandered! Don’t let the world dictate how you live! I have given you directions on how to live, how to raise children in my ways, how to overcome mountains. Why are you letting the world change you from champion to coward? Come home to me and enjoy new life, refreshing life. Be the strong leaders in my name with the strength that I give you. Be the ones that the prodigals follow home! Raise praise, raise halleluah and move the mountains that the devil places in your paths! Show your sons and daughters the correct narrow paths to glorious life. Don’t align with the world, don’t be lukewarm in your direction.

More importantly don’t let the world influence you but be an influence to the world! Call out those among you chosen to lead when they stray from the narrow road. Don’t give them inches as the will take miles! Use my discernment that I have given to you through Holy Spirit and my Word to choose who your leaders. Don’t bend from that which I have given you. Don’t settle for a so called leader who may have most of my qualities. You will know without apprehension the ones I have chosen to lead. But you need to use my word to pick them out. Why do you settle for less than the best I have sent? You see the current condition of your world? That is because you have gone away from me! Come back prodigal child! Lastly, give your children and your children’s children and so on the inheritance of my knowledge, my ways, my love, me. For that is far greater than all the money or precious belongings that you could ever pass down.